Monitor your Google positions

Enjoy 200 free keywords updated daily

A simple and practical tool

Ergonomic and responsive

Consult your positions via a simple and fluid interface on a computer, or install our mobile version on your smartphone / tablet.

Multi-data center precision

Our system identifies the most used Google data centers in order to perform ultra-precise analyzes of your positions.

Instant updates

Our interface uses the latest web technologies to load your data and display your positions in real time.

List of features

Monitor the daily evolution of your positions on Google

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  • Enter or automatically import your keywords from other platforms.
  • Stay ahead of Google updates by updating positions several times a day.
  • Analyze the performance of your stocks with personalized charts and ratings.
  • Consult the details of the SERPs and compare the movements between two dates.
  • Export your data in multiple formats.

Check the position of your site on 15 Google datacenters

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  • Consult the exact position of your site on a given keyword by analyzing 15 data centers.
  • Analyze the details of the SERP and compare the movements between two dates or two data centers.
  • Repeat your checks and keep a history of results pages.

Monitor the indexing of your site's URLs
  • Enter up to 200 URLs (during the testing phase) to monitor and directly examine their status.
  • Manually update the status of your URLs at any time of the day.
  • Quickly check out the cached version and the results page where your link appears.

API automation

    website: '',
    keywords: ['keyword 1', 'keyword 2'],
    country: 'en',
    language: 'en'
}, {
    headers: {
        'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token,
  • Automate any type of action from your own tools (creation and deletion of checks, follow-ups, etc.).
  • Download position reports to perform analyzes or integrations into your dashboards.
  • Enjoy a simple documentation and a support via Slack to develop your integration.

The opinion of our testers

We are constantly improving our tool thanks to the involvement of our testers and feedback from our user community.

Didier Barbeau
For the past few weeks I have been using Check Position with great satisfaction. Simple, efficient, the tool does not encumber unnecessary gadgets. The little extra, a check of positions on 15 DC on demand and at any time!
Fabien Raquidel
An excellent tool that allows you to monitor and test your positions via several Google datacenters while being able to refresh the check of your positions when you want.
Damien klein
A keyword positioning and tracking tool with a clear and intuitive interface! On the program: history, trend graph, manual refresh and position by datacenter ... A great discovery!

A single rate per use

Beyond our offer of 200 free keywords, you can subscribe to our Expert offer which allows you to track more keywords on your account.

You have a few personal sites and want to follow up to 200 positions per day.
0 €/Month
up to 200 keywords offered
Position tracking tool
Automatic daily keyword refresh
Limited manual updates (every 3 hours)
Data center position verification tool
Limited analyzes (20 keywords per day)
Additional features
No API access
You have a list of sites and keywords to follow and you want to know their position in real time.
€9.00 /Month or €97.20 /Year
from 201th keyword to 300 keywords
Personalized rates
Contact us for a high volume personalized offer
Position tracking tool
Automatic daily keyword refresh
Priority manual updates (every hour)
Data center position verification tool
Priority analyzes (100 keywords per day)
Additional features
API Access

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